4 February 2018

Kızım için

Canım ne kadar çabuk büyüdün.
Daha dün gibi hastanedeki bebekliğin.
Seni çok özlüyorum…
Yetkin DİKİNCİLERİN filimi, Kızım için i seyrettim.
Bilirsin şarkı söyleme becerim hiç yok ama deneyebilir miyim…
Kim için mi? Tabi ki prensesim senin için.
Benim kaç tane kızım var? Bir tane…

Gel kızım uzat ellerini barışalım
Seneler geçse bile üstünden
Dinmiyor kalbimde sızı
Ah kızım bilemezsin nasıl yandım
Çok zor geçti sensiz yıllarım
Yeter artık kavuşalım
Ah kızım
Bambaşka bir aşksın sen kızım
Benden uzak geçen günlerin
Senin kaderin benim alın yazım…

Baban (doğum gününe iki üç gün kaldı :) )

(Allah sana da çocuklarını kucağına almayı nasip eylesin )

23 November 2017

Happy Teacher's Day

Değerli Öğretmenlerim,

Öğretmenler günüz kutlu olsun...

Wishing you a very Happy Teacher's Day 😃

12 August 2017

The 10 Best University in the World

  One of my best and prominent journals is THE. Click on ‘THE’ and keep reading articles when you have time after work. I would like to recommend it. I would share the last year’s top university list.
The Times Higher Education (THE) has released its annual World University Rankings for the 2015-2016 academic year, highlighting 800 of the most prestigious academic institutions from 70 different countries.

  Universities included in the World University Rankings are required to teach undergraduates and produced at least 1,000 research articles between 2010 and 2014 (or 200 per year). THE then judged these research-intensive universities across the following areas:

  Teaching: the learning environment, which includes a university's reputation, staff-to-student ratio, doctorate-to-bachelor's, and institutional income
Research: a university's research reputation, research income, and research productivity
Citations: the number of times a university's published work is cited by scholars globally
International outlook: a university's international-to-domestic-student ratio, international-to-domestic-staff ratio, and international collaboration
Industry income: a university's ability to help with innovations, inventions and consultancy
The data showed that universities in the United States have begun to lose their dominance in the world rankings. While almost a fifth of the 800 institutions are located in the U.S., the numbers are decreasing each year. In part, this may be due to "improved coverage of research not published in English and a better geographical spread of responses to our academic reputation survey," according to Phil Baty, THE rankings editor.

The top of  25 universities, the United States is well represented by 17 institutions from across the country. Click through to see which universities made the list:

1. Harvard University
2. Stanford University
3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
4. University of California, Berkeley
5. University of Cambridge
6. Princeton University
7. California Institute of Technology
8. Columbia University
9. University of Chicago
10. University of Oxford

I wish I read a few Turkish universities on the list anyway. I have some smart students who can go and study at those universities. 


10 July 2017

Theory of multiple intelligences

  Have you ever read a book about multiple intelligences?  I read a few

  The hypothesis of numerous intelligences is a hypothesis of insight that separates it into particular (principally tangible) 'modalities', as opposed to considering knowledge to be overwhelmed by a solitary general capacity. This model was proposed by Howard Gardner in his 1983 book Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Gardner verbalized eight criteria for a conduct to be viewed as an intelligence. These were that the intelligences appeared: potential for mind detachment by cerebrum harm, place in transformative history, nearness of center operations, and helplessness to encoding (typical expression), a particular formative movement, the presence of intellectuals, wonders and other uncommon individuals, and backing from test brain research and psychometric discoveries.

  Gardner picked eight capacities that he held to meet these criteria: musical–rhythmic, visual–spatial, verbal–linguistic, logical–mathematical, bodily–kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic. He later proposed that existential and good knowledge may likewise be deserving of inclusion. Although the refinement between intelligences has been set out in extraordinary point of interest, Gardner restricts the thought of naming learners to a particular insight. Gardner keeps up that his hypothesis of various intelligences ought to "enable learners", not limit them to one methodology of learning. According to Gardner, an insight is "a biopsychological potential to process data that can be initiated in a social setting to tackle issues or make items that are of worth in a culture."

  A considerable lot of Gardner's "intelligences" connect with the g element, supporting the thought of a solitary prevailing kind of knowledge. As indicated by a recent report, each of the spaces proposed by Gardner included a mix of g, intellectual capacities other than g, and, at times, non-psychological capacities or identity characteristics.


6 June 2017


SABIR; ağrıları dindiren acı bir ot gibidir. Hem can yakar hem de tedavi eder.


2 May 2017

Kardeş nedir?

Sen dersin hiç! Ben derim HER ŞEY!
Gecem gündüzüm anamdır,
Gecem gündüzüm babamdır,
Bunlar gidince sıra kimindir?
Aptalım ne karın neden çocuğundur!
Kalan yarın ablandır, kız kardeşindir!
Abin çoktur yengeni dinler,
Ama ‘Abla’ deyince,
Katıksız, kalpten şunu net duyarsın,
Sana seslenir:
‘Ablam! Çocuğum!’
O da gidecek diye korkarsın…
İşte oda gidince elde var SI-FIR!
Cebrail hata yapan,
Beni de alacan,
Ama şu biline!

Öbür tarafta elim yakanda!

19 April 2017

How monolingual folks can bring up a bilingual kid!

  When I talked that topic to my friends they shared different ideas and memories as well. Let me type a few of them for you…

  The issue of folks showing their kids comes up frequently and I've even had somebody visitor post on the web journal about it sometime recently. That is extraordinary on the off chance that you talk the dialects yourself, however imagine a scenario where you are monolingual and still need to give your youngster the most ideal head begin in this magnificently worldwide world.

  Christine, who web journals at Almost Fearless and who has been going with her spouse since 2008, has considered this while she brings up her own child, and is notwithstanding composing a book about the experience. On the off chance that you need to assist, see points of interest toward the end of the post. Something else, make the most of her thought on what folks can do to help their youngsters learn dialects that the folks themselves don't talk easily yet!

  Over to you Christine!

  I require your assistance. Skip to the base to see, however first my story.

  There was a profile of Ellen Bialystok in the NY Times a couple of years back, and it turned out soon after my granddad had kicked the bucket from dementia. In the article, Bialystok, a specialist who concentrates on bilingualism discussed her revelation that bilinguals and trilingual increased around 4-5 years before they began indicating side effects of memory misfortune from late-life sicknesses like Alzheimer's.

  This study stayed with me in light of the fact that my granddad, a Finnish-English bilingual, had driven a long sound life, until he got dementia — however it just showed up in his last year. Actually he was at an apartment suite in Florida outside of Palm Beach, that particular spot in light of the extensive Finnish populace – they even have their own Finnish daily paper. It was through this abnormal rise of Finnish speakers, both in Florida where he spent a large portion of the year, and in encompassing zone around his home in Massachusetts, that permitted my granddad to utilize both dialects his whole life, decades after his foreigner folks passed on. In light of Bialystok's examination, being bilingual may have given him 4 additional years of good wellbeing.

  Before long, with my very own offspring, I knew I needed to be bilingual, if not only for me, to fulfill this since quite a while ago played with yet never accomplished objective, however for my child, who was sufficiently youthful to take in a brief moment dialect effortlessly, for all time changing how his cerebrum functions, and possibly fighting off the impacts generally life memory misfortune, sometime far later on.

  All material appears to be centered around bilingual folks

  The primary thing I did was to peruse around twelve books on bringing up bilingual youngsters, yet I saw something I hadn't expected… whether through configuration or business sector request, a significant number of the books concentrated on how bilinguals could present a non-prevailing dialect at home.

  A Spanish speaker living in the US could communicate in Spanish with their tyke. On the off chance that she wedded a German speaker, he could communicate in German. The youngster would take in English from the earth, Spanish from his mom, German from his dad and blast you have trilingual tyke. A number of the books discussed some of what's in store from such plan, as it's not generally simple and even bilingual folks can battle. Yet, I understood altogether left.

  Shouldn't something be said about individuals who just communicated in English? Shouldn't something be said about folks who lived in a monolingual society?

  I left away with three inquiries:

  How could two English monolinguals (like my spouse and I) educate my tyke a second dialect?

  What number of dialects can your youngster learn?

  Would there be any advantage if the kid took in a non-prevailing dialect (like Mandarin) in a nation that spoke something else by and large (like Spanish)?

  My child is presently drawing closer four years of age, and I don't have all or even the greater part of the answers, however I have a few thoughts regarding showing youngsters dialects in a monolingual home that I found over our goes to China (to learn Mandarin), Lebanon (to learn Arabic) and Mexico (to learn Spanish).

  In what manner can monolinguals educate their youngster a second dialect?

  I feel from my own experience that the primary spot to begin is to take in the dialect yourself. Dissimilar to having your child play the piano, or take move lessons, taking in a dialect requires to in any event some degree dynamic support from the folks.

  I can acknowledge and empower my kid's piano playing without knowing how to peruse a lick of music, however dialects are about correspondence. It's not a necessity – I read one tale around a kid who took in three distinctive nearby vernaculars from the cultivator, caretaker and cook in India – and his guardians just communicated in English.

  In any case, for the greater part of us, we don't have an escort of outside dialect speakers chasing after us. A shoddy and moderate approach to accomplish this is to learn it yourself. You can help your youngster to hone by talking with them in the dialect, and as they get more established you will comprehend and draw in when they start to utilize these new words.

  The second conclusion I came to was that my kid would gain a little from remote dialect media (like viewing the prevalent toon Xi Yang in China – he took in the introduction melody great before we exited) yet his dialect blasted when we invested energy talking with local speakers.

  We attempted diverse things in every nation, to some extent since I needed to test how things functioned, and to be adaptable and not submit too vigorously to any one arrangement of guidelines. Yet it was astonishing the amount he learned with his Chinese ayi verses what he grabbed from Lebanese youngsters on the play area for 60 minutes a day. The engaged one-on-one discussion with his ayi and her complete absence of English implied that he began presenting Mandarin words significantly more rapidly than he did with Arabic.

  By the day's end, we as a whole have diverse assets and it turns into an issue of what are you ready to do… in the event that you can bring local speakers into the tyke's life that is perfect (and if that is you, view yourself as one of the fortunate ones).

  In the event that you can take in the dialect and talk it to your tyke routinely, this functions admirably as well. In the event that you do a mix of books, music, kid's shows and other media in the objective dialect that is great presentation yet in all probability insufficient to accomplish bilingualism, at any rate as you may characterize it as a local like familiarity.

  Eventually bringing up bilingual kids for monolinguals, particularly in a monolingual society (like my nation of origin, the USA), implies having either companions/neighbors who talk that dialect, childcare in the dialect or an educational system accessible to you to help.

  On the off chance that those things aren't a choice, any guardian can in any case take in the dialect direct and routinely utilize it with their youngster. Regardless of the fact that you're not consummate. I know in light of the fact that my Mandarin, Arabic and Spanish all need a lot of work before I'll view myself as familiar. Yet despite everything it works and you will learn as they learn (trust me, nothing expands your vocabulary like a curious little child).

  There are a considerable measure of instruments out there to help kids learn, and I think they are valuable, yet there should be no less than one human in their life that talks the dialect. That is only my experience and proposal yet popping in outside dialect named films is not going to be sufficient.

  We even accidently tried this hypothesis amid the 4 months we spent in Lebanon where my child observed heaps of French kid's shows (he experienced a major Garfield in French stage), however never created a solitary French word since we didn't strengthen his French by talking it with him – we were there to learn Arabic.

8 March 2017

Kadınlar Günü

Beni dünyaya getiren, annemin, beni dinlemekten sıkılmayan canım ablalarımın, beni deliler gibi seven eşimin, oğlum diyen kayınvalidemin, beni okuduğum bütün okullarda eğiten bana güvenen bütün bayan öğretmenlerimin (en son eğitimini aldığım CELTA da bana güvenen Jackie’nin ) bana inanan müdürümün, bayan takım arkadaşlarımın ve daha da ötesi bana evlatlarını teslim eden, çocuğumu lütfen eğitir misin diyen bana güvenen değerli annelerin, 8 Mart Kadınlar Gününü kutlarım. Sizleri seviyorum…

İngilizce öğretmeni

6 February 2017

Significance of Education

Significance of Education 

Why It Is Important In life ?

  Instruction is most essential among every one of us. Training assumes a vital part in your life. For carrying on with a sumptuous life or for carrying on with a superior life, you ought to be instructed. Instruction is what changes a man to carry on with a superior life and even in a social prosperity. Instruction is the one that accomplishing something useful in our not so distant future. It helps a man to demonstrate their best by their brain and soul. It gives you a great deal of information in whatever angles. Training assumes an essential part in your accomplishment in the self-awareness. The more you have information the more you develop. Being taught and acquiring an expert degree sets you up to be a section in presumed associations, organizations or foundations. For figuring out what is great or what is awful for you, training will help you. A man who gets great instruction will turn out to be great subject, more trustworthy specialist. Without instruction a man is fragmented, so training makes man a right scholar and a right choice – creator.

  In today's aggressive world instruction is need for man after sustenance, apparel, and sanctuary. Training is the arrangement of any issue, it is the main instruction which advances great propensities, qualities and mindfulness towards anything like terrorism, defilement and substantially more. Instruction is the quality to a man and training need to a man. Presently days innovation assumes an imperative part in proceeding with the correspondence of instruction through known and obscure persons. It is the main major path by which a coveted change and upliftment in the general public can be produced into results.

 More or less Education is the foundation of each one life's.


19 December 2016

Happy New Year

Have a Happy New Year....

I hope all your dreams will come true in 2017....