22 February 2007

Young Learners

I attended an ELT presentation on Teaching and assessing Young Learners by Olha MADYLUS on 21 Feb. 2007 The Turco British Association, Ankara TURKEY.

If I don’t move forward in ELT, one day I’ll move backward in ELT.

18 February 2007

Aynalı Beşik

Bir belgeselde çalan bu türküye aklım takıldı. Ne güzel söyler...

Eledim Eledim Hölük Eledim,
Aynalı Beşikte Canan Bebek Beledim.
Büyüttüm Besledim Asker Eyledim,
Gitti De Gelmedi Canan Buna Ne Çare,
Yandı Ciğerim De Canan Buna Ne Çare.

Bir Güzel Simâdır Aklımı Alan,
Aşkın Sevdasını Canan Sineme Saran.
Bizi Kınamasın Ehl-İ Din Oğlan.
Gitti De Gelmedi Canan Buna Ne Çare

15 February 2007

Valentine's Day

Valentines Day is a day to express my Love for Deniz. I love her more than everything...
Happy Valentine's Day! I whisper those three magical words jut for you, I Love You! Really everything is so beautiful around me since you came along... I love you... be my valentine forever...


14 February 2007

Valentine's Day Sevgililer Günü

In February, what shall I do? I'll make some valentines for you.
The first will have a cupid's face;
The second will be trimmed with lace.
The third will have some roses pink;
The fourth will have a verse in ink.
The fifth will have a ribbon bow;
The sixth will glisten like the snow.
The seventh will have some lines I drew;
The eighth, some flowers just a few.
The ninth will have three little birds;
The tenth will have three little words;

1 February 2007

Be honest, please always be honest!

I’m going through my goals at the moment, and I thought about this one for awhile, and decided it’s time to tick it off. I’ve been working very hard lately to be honest with people, as I’ve slowly learnt that the outcome is always better.