26 June 2006

I'm off again :)

Well, I'm leaving for Bodrum city on Sunday night. I'll only be gone a few days. I'm making the trip down to finally meet my old dormmate. I'm looking forward to huging him and seeing his reaction to me:). I have posted some new pictures of my trip to Akyarlar for you all to see while I'm in Bodrum. I'll try to take pictures of the mountains there too and not just my friend, Boysan. Be back on Saturday!

25 June 2006


Tatil her şeyin ilacıdır. Bol bol yüzeceğim, dansedeceğim, alışveriş yapacağım, bol bol fotoğraf çekip değişik yerleri gezeceğim. Dünya varmış yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:))))) Darısı gidemiyenlere...

17 June 2006


I made this list just a while ago... Here's the stuff I miss so far...

1. relatives
2. Arda, Jan, Boysan, Nedret, Asya, Nice etc :)
3. giant strawberries and cherries
4. weather (it's currently hot there now, but it's still bearable)
5. not putting up as much (my old and crazy jeans) when going out (people couldn't care less if you go to the mall in clothes you usually wear only at home)
6. posh cars that you constantly see and drool on just imagine to drive my old cars :)
7. foreign money and foreign people
8. freshly squeezed lemonade
9. bottomless drinks everywhere
10. taking loads of pictures
11. swim and swim
12. eating fish
13. draw black and white...
14. dance beside the sea
15. sleep
16. kiss my love more than before...

16 June 2006

15 June 2006

Bodrum bekle beni geliyorum:))

Tatilin ilk günleri Bodrum'dayım :))

Sayısal Loto

Kazanın, yiyin, afiyetolsun:)

10 June 2006

Tatil zamanı. (Holiday time)

Tatile 15 gün kala çılgın bir alışverişteyim. :)

1 June 2006

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Have you read that book? This book is extremely well written. Books make me happy, and complete me as a person. Scared off yet? lol. ;-) I get excited over book releases, go to Dost Kitapevi (Dost Bookstore) several times a month to check out what is new on the shelves, and carry around at least one 'for pleasure' book with me at all times (even to class).