31 August 2006


Keşke her savaş böyle eğlenceli olsa:))


Bye bye Litvanya!

Ender (herşeyimsin; Aslanım benim!!) son 2 saniyede bulduğu 3'lükle skoru eşitledi. Koptum o an, ayakta izledim sizleri... Maç uzadı. Zaten daha evelde 76 - 74 mağlup etmiştik. Faullerin bazılarını cimri hakemler vermeselerde!! Ezdik, Litvanya kimmiş???, hadi ordan!

Zafer Bayramı Kutlu Olsun

84. yıldönümü ...

Ülkemi çok seviyorum...

I love my country...

28 August 2006

Turkish Grand Prix Istanbul 2006

It was excellent.

Hayatın Özeti

1nci şişeyi çok ama çok kullandım:))

27 August 2006

Turkish basketball team defeats Brazil

Yesterday I watched them on TV, I think Turkish National basketball team has been reborn in Japan! There are the new stars of the team such as Kerem, Ersan and Kaya found the chance to prove themselves when Turkey's experienced NBA stars, Hidayet and Mehmet, as well as two of its best players!

90 - 84 Slovenya kimmiş! 12 DEV ADAM! Çok iyisiniz! Bu maçı canlı seyretmek isterdim ama aynı heycanı bizlere yine yaşattınız! Cenk şu cebini açsaydın bizlerle heycanımızı paylaşırdın. Maçı 2 defa seyrettim, böyle güzel bir maç olamaz, super super super!

21 August 2006

Goethe Institut Ankara

I'll be there on Tuesdays and Fridays.

20 August 2006

Do you know V Festival?

Lily Shines At V!
Ok, so the weather outside may have been crap, but Lily saw to it that the crowd's spirits weren't dampened with a rip-roaring performance inside the JJB/Puma Arena at V2006 this weekend.

Lily treated the crowd to some choice cuts from 'Alright, Still' including her No.1 smash 'Smile' and the forthcoming single 'LDN'.

18 August 2006


I think, Istanbul is one of the most unique cities on the Formula One!! I've been to that lovely city, Istanbul a lot. It's really a beautiful city... You can get into the city by bus, taxi, underground or hire car. Of course there are a lot of well-known hotel chains are situated in a cluster on the European side of the Bosphorus or other side of the city.

25-26-27 Ağustos 2006 tarihlerinde İstanbul Park'ta düzenlenecek olan 2006 Formula 1 Petrol Ofisi Türkiye Grand Prix yarışları için geri sayım başladı!!!

17 August 2006

Thriller Story

Erkin loves reading books! You? What sort of books do you read?

10 August 2006

British Terror Plot

I've just been watching BBC! God What is that!

British authorities said that they had disrupted A Major terrorist plot to blow up passenger flights between the United Kingdom and the United States with liquid explosives, prompting a full-scale security clampdown at U.S and British airports and a cascade of delays in trans Atlantic flights!!!

Hey and also passengers cannot take any hand luggage on board!! they will be allowed a plastic bag with essential travel documents and spectacles. As usual when terrorism is raised, Al Qaeda is generally the first name mentioned in the news, but this is probably more credible than usual owing to the coordinated nature and size of the potential attack, traits that are often seen in their attacks. By the way I'm sure shares in Europe's three biggest airlines fell down! Sure it makes negative impact on those shares as well. What about IMKB! Let's see it tomorrow!?

5 August 2006

Ankara Underground

Waiting for it! Here it is :)
Eleven trains are used to operate the Ankaray light rail metro system, formed of three vehicles! I love that kind of transportation!

1 August 2006

I'm addicted to Lily Allen music

i love your songs, i listen to them daily!! Even talked about you to my frineds on the cell! I no wanna just to say i think Lily's music is great. I want to sing Little Things. I love your music, Little Things !!:))) Probability I'll go to ANKAMALL and buy your new album! Hey Lily, are you going to see TURKEY! I mean, planning to come and play in Istanbul city? When I buy your album, I'll drob a few lines! Take care bye bye...