29 July 2006

When will my teeth fall out?

Why are my teeth so important?
My teeth help me to chew and digest food. They help me to talk to my friends and students as well, and to pronounce different sounds clearly. Such as "Yeah you're right" "Well done":)) Finally, my teeth help to give my face its shape. A healthy smile can be a great asset and because this is so important, it makes sense to give my teeth the best care possible AND It ALSO let my Lips can move easily and touch my darling's lips sofly.

Folks check out my teeth right now! :))

Perfect dental health begins with you!!!.
By following this simple routine;
You can keep your mouth clean and healthy: 1.Brush your teeth twice a day using fluoride toothpaste.
2.Have sugary drinks and snacks less often( you know I'm getting old so I do no wanna drink sugary!. 3.Use a small to medium size toothbrush. 4.Use small circular movements to clean your teeth.4. Change your toothbrush regularly.5. Clean between your teeth using dental floss or wood sticks after Turkish doner and Kebap!:). And finally of course visit your dentist at least ten times a year. THEN HAVE GOOD TEETH AS ME. Yeah give Erkin a great smile:)))


Anonymous said...

This year is National Smile Week’s 30th anniversary in England so you're my favourite smile:) Give me a great smile!:)


Wildrose said...

Nice teeth :))

Anonymous said...

Nice teeth, better than mine :))


Anonymous said...

Erkin dişçin kim??? Bu yaşa kadar bukadar sağlam dişler! Müthiş! smsni bekliyorum, şaka değil ciddiyim. Sevgiler


Anonymous said...

Gayet güzel dişler :)

Anonymous said...

Öğretmenim your teeth are very beautiful:))

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