27 January 2014

Like Stars on Earth (English)

Dear colleagues, dear parents, and my precious students. Would you watch this movie please!.

I recommend that you watch this beautiful movie! Dear parents, if you do not understand English, my students, I mean your children can translate this film into Turkish easily.

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Erkin said...

Unfortunately some teachers and a few younger teachers don't want a special needs child or children in their class!. I love working with special needs child or children in my class or in their house. But, our headmasters or society don't seem to value this work! I always have the utmost respect for valuable teachers who choose to teach instead of chasing higher salaries! I always respect them! I can't remember my art teacher's name at high school who made the biggest difference in my life! Many thanks to him! I miss you very much Sir! After mum you're the most important teachers in my education life. Definitely every child is SPECIAL! as my Queen:)) I LOVE ALL MY STUDENTS!:)

English Teacher