10 August 2006

British Terror Plot

I've just been watching BBC! God What is that!

British authorities said that they had disrupted A Major terrorist plot to blow up passenger flights between the United Kingdom and the United States with liquid explosives, prompting a full-scale security clampdown at U.S and British airports and a cascade of delays in trans Atlantic flights!!!

Hey and also passengers cannot take any hand luggage on board!! they will be allowed a plastic bag with essential travel documents and spectacles. As usual when terrorism is raised, Al Qaeda is generally the first name mentioned in the news, but this is probably more credible than usual owing to the coordinated nature and size of the potential attack, traits that are often seen in their attacks. By the way I'm sure shares in Europe's three biggest airlines fell down! Sure it makes negative impact on those shares as well. What about IMKB! Let's see it tomorrow!?


Anonymous said...

Planın İngiltere'den ABD'ye gidecek on kadar uçağa el bagajıyla patlayıcı madde sokup uçakları havadayken infilak ettirmeyi düşünüyorlarmış! Ne caniler var bu güzel dünyada!!


Wildrose said...

Gerçekten çok korkunç bir haber, Umarım böyle bir olay gerçekleşmez