12 May 2007

3rd ELT CONFERENCE ODTÜ Geliştirme Vakfı Okulları

I attended the 3rd ELT Conference "Lifelong Literature from K to 12" at ODTÜ Geliştirme Vakfı Okulları Ankara, Türkiye May 12. 2007

It was excellent. I went there with my director, Mrs. CİMEN. There were three lecturers, Peter GRUNDY, Peter LUCANTONI, and Teresa DOGUELLI.

Mr. GRUNDY is a good author, the former president of IATEFL, said that "the language of literature isn't the language we use in everyday life: so why do we use literature in language teaching and how can we make the best use of it in our classrooms?" In his talk, he tried to show how some of the differences between literature and everday language provide us with a wide range of ideas for stimulating activities which add a range and depth to everyday language teaching.

What about Mr. LUCANTONI? I think he's a very good explorer, explained How to authentic and semi-authentic text from a wide range of sources can be exploited not only to help learners develop and improve their reading skills, but also to provide a basis for practice in writing, listening and speaking. I enjoyed his speech about authentic texts and sure they will helpful for my long career in English language teaching.

Hold on, hold on! :))) I guess Mrs. DOGUELLI is very energetic, funny and excellent teacher. Her presentation, Reading Circles was very good as well. I liked her Reading circles as well. I sometimes didn't manage my large smile on her speech :)

During the coffee break and lunch I got a great chance to have long talk to my director. Unfortunately I do not have many meetings with her! So I had a long talk with her about our ELT and our students' future programmes at SEC. I mostly saw happy expressions on her face as well:)

Everything was excellent at a large conference hall, even there were more than five sponsers, Pearson Longman, Cambridge University Press (Trend ELT), Express Publishing (Inkaş), Ankara ELT (Machmillan English), Nüans and Oxford University Press.


Nes said...

Hey ERK, You are lucky :))

Erkin said...

yeah you're right :)

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you sometimes manage your large smile on Mrs Doguelli's speech?