17 April 2016

What Can You Do with Your Children in London?

Suppose you were in London city. What would you do beneficial to your kids in London? Just buy some ice-cream or do shopping?. You may also do these things in your city as well. However, you may say I wish I had gone some places where my kids learn something new and useful. I advise you to take your kids to those places in London;

You’ll find most of the capital’s museums and certainly galleries put considerable effort into making their exhibits accessible to your children. Do you know that one of my best museums, BritishMuseum, over 230 years old, easily find out extraordinary collections aren’t in the least bit stuffy, and the museum’s trails really capture the attention of small minds. When I first was in British Museum, I visited every section and floor like a dream. Click here please.

There is an art centre, Camden Arts Centre, hosting regular exhibitions in its three galleries. If you go there, why don’t you go to its café where you may get rest with a spacious terrace, eat specials such as hearty sandwiches. I drank great coffee. I also recommend marshmallow-topped hot chocolate too. So if you say OK, click here 

Another excellent place for your children in London where they may have different workshops. It’s called Fashion and Textile Museum click here  and I really thanks to Mrs. Z Rhodes, designer of this museum. I’m sure when my little daughter visits there, she will be happy then.

Moreover, there are some galleries and museums , one of them is Hayward Gallery, near Embankment tube or I think Waterloo tube. Children love watching cartoons on the touch screens or just wandering around the visually confusing space created by curved, two-way mirrors. There are no permanent collections on display; instead three or four major temporary exhibitions are staged through the year. I’m sure older children prefer going there to staying in the hotel! Then click here  and check out…

There is a gallery, Dulwich Picture Gallery. Holidays bring yet more activities, often involving making things along a seasonal theme; Art in the garden gatherings are on Wednesdays in the summer hols and cost 2 pounds per children I think. Click here  and give me a big smile. I’m sure that you’ll be happy when you go there with your children!

How about going to Geffrye Museum that is a strange oasis. Would you click it here  please.

If you say Guildhall Art Gallery, I can say it’s absolutely nice choice. You may go there by St Paul’s tube or DLR or Bank tube. Perhaps the most exciting exhibit here for children is the Roman amphitheatre that lies under the courtyard. The remains are fairly scant and only the foundations of the walls and entrance survive but the site does an excellent job of suggesting how the amphitheatre would have looked, with staggered seat printed on a screen, dynamic illustrations of gladiators and sound effects. Click it here

Let me type, Kenwood House click here  English Heritage runs this majestic 17th- century mansion perched at the north end of Hampstead Heath. Your children are likely to ignore the house and instead go fizzy at the great rolling expanse of green in front that leads down to the lake, where there are couples of excellent climbing trees to be found. You must see them please. And do not forget to take a few shots about trees! They’re very interesting anyway.

If you ask me in which museum or gallery I said Wow, Look at that! Definitely it was National Gallery where I looked most of paintings on the walls for over five hours and left the building before the doors closed. You know where it’s, Trafalgar Square. Of course admission is free, but they suppose you may donate! When I got a guide book, donated 6 pounds. Do you know that there are almost 2300 paintings to see in national gallery, all free of charge, which makes it a good idea to manage a visit if accompanied by children, lest they get overwhelmed. Therefore, alternatively children can guide their parents thanks to the Teach Your Grown-ups about Art audio tour which equips kids with a map and audio guide then asks them to relay choice snippets to their elders. Other audio guides ask children to follow secret agents or hunt for kings and queens, learning about various paintings as they go.
Click here  for Nationally Gallery, in London.

I’ve been to some galleries and museums but now on I’m stopping to telling them, maybe some other time I’ll keep telling them again. See you then, love your children, take care of yourself.

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