24 November 2015

One of my best FCE students, Sinan SAVASKAN

KişiSinan Savaşkan
Mail / e-mails***********n@gmail.com
Konu / SubjectTeachers' Day
Mesaj / MessageHi teacher, I hope you remember me, I am one of your former students from Swan English. It has been a long time since we last saw each other, I just wanted to tell you that I missed you and I wanted to say "happy teachers' day". If possible, I would like to meet you some time. Hope to see you


Certainly I remember you, Sinan. I have never forgotten you since you graduated from SELS. How is it going? I know that you’re at METU, in Ankara, right? What is your subject, what’re you studying? Definitely I would like to meet you as a best guest in my class and would like you to meet my best FCE students in my class as well.

Anytime you my come and see me. 
Take care of yourself

Your Teacher

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