16 September 2008

Do u lose ur paradise?

I sometimes hated holidays, even as a kid. Such a waste of time, sitting on the beach, sunbathe, when you could be at home doing some interesting hobby (such as reading books) Then when I got married, we had on holiday, my wife insisted on dragging me off to South of Turkey or West of Turkey. Antalya, Fethiye, İzmir city etc. Bored the pants off me, till one day, sitting on an old stone beside the column of Assos, watching the tourists milling about, clicking their cameras, talking to each other in umpteen different languages, it suddenly struck me. Tourism is very good implement in Turkey. The only thing they have in common is they all enjoy the importance of seeing our spectacular artworks, and historical places. They love our paradise.

Whenever I travel I always make sure i visit the most important sights. Can you look at a few pictures below? How many of these sights can you really identify? Click on the picture below and if u want, you can print them out:).


Anonymous said...

you've got nice shots besides interesting ideas.

Sezen Trabzon

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