8 September 2008

photo competition of Starbucks Coffee

Why not? There must be a photo competition of Starbucks and I think photographers can contest for prize. If there is a photo contest of Starbucks all over the world, I'm sure thousand of photographers will join the competition lovely! Am I right or wrong? Photos can be related with Starbucks and its life around that city. For example, I live Ankara city (capital of Turkey) I have lovely photos, taken in Istanbul city, related with Starbucks Coffee. I hope some people will agree with me about that contest.


"Maggie" said...


I am glad you like the Starbucks mugs. While I don't know if there is a Starbucks photo competition, you can join a Starbucks photo group online. You can see the group here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/starbucks/
Thanks for stopping by and for your comments.

Erkin said...

Hi Maggie, thanx you let me know the group of Starbucks. I've just joined flickr.com/groups/starbucks, even shared my last photos about Starbucks Coffee. They are very simple but I like them.

Erkin said...

We do not see things in the same way as a camera. A camera does not have a brain. When we
look at the things, our brains are just as important as our eyes. Some people think that art is like photography.

Anonymous said...

you've got nice shots besides interesting ideas.

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