30 November 2006

Veren el, alan elden üstündür.


Wildrose said...

Your blogger has started first topic ( I mean site tersine dönmüş :)) ) How did you do it? Really it s an interesting But nice :)) did you use special command for translating back to your blogger,

Yeah you are right, If you help someone,who needs money, clothes,house etc... you will fell happy :))

I wish that The people help the others who need help, Maybe the life will be wonderfull :)

Manik Kedi said...

From Ur "Adsl"less and hayırsız Colleague:)
I'm around here; but as ı have adsl problem ı can not leave comment very often..sorry for this .. anyway my comment to ur post is that "hem üstündür hem de çok daha erdemli; eğer karşılıksız we gönüllü yapıldıysa"...